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Our space is made up of individuals and teams who take part in an entrepreneurial community, with everyone is equally dedicated to helping accelerate their fellow members toward individual and business goals.


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Tyler Davis Jones

I'm a Residential Real Estate Broker that loves helping people make wise decisions. Read more

Tyler Mahoney

I'm a Product Marketing Manager who offers a wide array of skills in product design, new media production, product development, and product marketing. I think with aesthetics in mind, plan projects carefully, and I crunch numbers on the analytic side Read more

Tyler Sims

we are working for next generation smart fabrics and wearables Read more

Tyler White

I moved to Seattle in October and am thrilled to be one of the newest hosts at the HUB. Read more

Vickie Phelps

I teach small groups about food sustainability and safety focusing on the preservation of food in the home kitchen. Read more

Warren Kinser

I'm apart of All Saints Church in Queen Anne. Our team is working on a similar "Collaborative Workspace" for organizations against human trafficking in Seattle. We would like to utilize our current space for meetings, events, forums, etc. Read more

Whit Nelson

I'm a programmer! And a homebrew shop owner. I do many things for many people. Read more

Will Poole

In addition to his work as co-founder of Unitus Seed Fund, Will is a long-time member of Social Venture Partners, a founding investor in the Hub, and Trustee of BGI. Read more

Will Massey

Korean -> English localization projects Planning and execution of an anime convention in Honolulu that was crowdfunded and executed for the first time last year. Read more

William Harper

I am a software executive, developer, architect, and project manager. Lately I have been working with companies on how to develop and manage their patent portfolios. I am working on a mobile publishing platform for travel books. Read more

William Dixon

I provide coaching and product strategy advice to early-stage technology companies. I am also working on several IoT (internet of things) ideas of my own. Read more

Wilmer Gómez

Im Wilmer Gmez from Colombia, Im working with Luis Fernando Borrero on some things about Marketing Research for DRIVE. We need apply some comunication strategies with exact content and so begun a important commercial work for the brand. Read more

Winston Featherly-Bean

I'm working on a project to map the King County aerospace cluster, using my start-up's novel approach to structuring qualitative economic data. We're also exploring the applications of our approach in the social capital markets space. Read more

Yonas b

Hello World Read more

Yonas Berhe

I'm a freelance software engineer. I work with people to get design to code! Read more

Zac Swartout

Ex Wall Street trader turned sustainable food and agriculture driven impact investor. I live in Oakland, CA and graduate from BGI in June 2013. Read more