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Our space is made up of individuals and teams who take part in an entrepreneurial community, with everyone is equally dedicated to helping accelerate their fellow members toward individual and business goals.


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Angus Mairs

I am a senior director at Oakland-based New Tech Network, a network of 130+ innovative public schools in 20+ states across the U.S. My role is to lead innovation and strategy for digital learning and whole-district transformation. Read more

Anish Mehta

Creating a new way for students to read, to increase focus, improve comprehension, and build critical thinking skills. Read more

Anisha Shankar

Starting a waste-to-energy business in India. Also part of Fledge Winter2013. Read more

Anna Clements

Broad Street Maps--Fledgling Spring 2014 Read more

Anna Steffeney

I am Anna founder of LeaveLogic. We are a technology company that delivers a parental leave management platform to Fortune 1000 companies. We inform and guide employees through the career, financial, and family decisions to ensure a successful leave. Read more

Anna Links

Culture in civic life. Like public art stuff. Read more

Anne King

chief bike enabler, Ridesavvy,

Ridesavvy provides custom, boutique consulting & education programs focused on increasing the number of everyday bike riders. Read more

Anthony Gromko

I'm currently a MBA Hybrid student and I work with Mercy Corps Northwest here in Seattle on micro-lending and education for under-resourced entrepreneurs. Read more

Anthony Joseph

Working on building new things and advising startups. Read more

Anuscheh Nawaz

I founded Toxwatch last year to track air quality indoor and outdoor in real time. Read more

Arielle Davis

I work at OneWorld Now!As the new/old Student Services/Leadership Curriculum Manager. In the past I worked on the campagin against the citizens united ruling on political spending as speech and at Foundation for Healthy Generations, a local funding org. Read more

Arlene Fairfield

I am a communications strategy and organizational development consultant for global health, women's and girls' empowerment, and international development. I also coach individuals & organizations in these fields to improve their leadership capacities. Read more

Aurora Martin

Columbia Legal Services advocates for people who face injustice and poverty. We seek to achieve social and economic justice for all, using policy reform, litigation, and innovative partnerships to reveal and end actions that harm the communities we serve. Read more

Baku Kuedituka

Build an employees co-owned sustainable Janitorial business by using earth friendly products. Read more

Benjamin Premack

The Premack Law Office offers legal services to businesses and entrepreneurs. I am accepting clients who require assistance in entity formation, securities, intellectual property, contract negotiation and drafting, and alternative dispute resolution. Read more

Bill Kaghan

I am doing embedded research at the Hub. I expect to have some published articles and published book based on this research. I will also use this material for teaching and consulting. Read more

Blake Gray

My company is launching a new division and I am the Head of PR and Communications. We do not have an office. I was hoping I could work from Impact Hub Seattle for two days this week, Thursday & Friday. If all goes well, I'd need a monthly package for me. Read more

Bob Masin

ceo, masins furniture/interiors,

Bojie Mageo

I work for VentureScale. My plan is to be visible enough in the business and impact world to interview them on camera or for a living. Read more

Brad Vaivoda

I'm originally from Colorado and came to Washington to work as an engineer for Boeing. I left Boeing in early 2014 and founded Monumus, which is an SPC working to bring bitcoin-powered financial services to low-income and developing areas. Read more

Brad Struss

Founder of consulting firm helping nonprofits and mission driven businesses take control of their data. We do this by building custom Salesforce databases that allow organizations to track constituents, donors, programs, and key metrics. Ultimately, a well designed system allows organizations to ... Read more

Brandi Dorsett

The CompleMentor is a life-action design firm that walks with leaders and their teams utilizing a life-action grid focusing on personal growth, professional development and life priorities. Read more

Brett Horvath

I'm an entrepreneur, activist, and writer. I'm passionate about climate change, AI, communication technology, disaster response, and governmental innovation. Read more

Brian Camenzuli

I am a recent graduate from The University of Guelph with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering, and the designer of the modular lamp system for KARIBU Solar Power. As a new inventor and entrepreneur I am interested in sustainable development. Read more

Brian Byersdorf

I work full time at Union Gospel Mission, and part time at Central Community Church located on Capitol Hill. I am looking for a space to meet with small groups for discussion, creative ideas, strategic planing, and future projects. Read more

Brian Sellers Petersen

I split my time between two orgs, one global the other local - Episcopal Relief & Development and Seattle Tilth. My particular area of interest is small-scale local agriculture including urban and backyard w/ specialization in Edible Churchyards. Read more

Bridget O'Brien

Billing Manager, Impact Hub Seattle,

Brittany Becker

I will be Impact Hub Seattle's social media intern starting June 25th, 2015. I own an online clothing boutique called SmartyPants Wear, which sells harem pants and donates one month of school to a girl in India for every pair of pants sold. Read more

Bruce McGlenn

Former civil/structural engineer and contractor pursuing land and ecosystem restoration with elements of low impact/conservation development. Read more

Bruce Hosford

Projects involving the brain and brain science. Teaming up with Dr. John medina on this one. Medical device treating physiological brain disorders non-invasively. (TMS) Non profits with focus on adolescences and camps. Read more

Bruce Barcott

I'm a Bainbridge Island-based writer, working for a handful of national magazines -- National Geographic, Outside, the New York Times Magazine, On Earth -- on subjects that touch on science, the outdoors, the environment, and public policy. Read more

Bruce Chapman

I've spent a lot of time in post-secondary education, and the current approaches aren't working very well. Public non-profit institutions are getting more expensive and harder to get into pushing them out of the reach of many. For-profit schools are just as expensive, and often of questionable qu... Read more

Bryan Brewer

I lead Funding Quest workshops and coaching groups to help startup CEOs raise angel funding. Read more

Bryan Schulte

Modified atmosphere packaging for seafood and other proteins Read more

Caitlin Goetze

...I don't shout or jump about Or have to talk real loud. When you see me passing It ought to make you proud. I say, It's in the click of my heels, The bend of my hair, the palm of my hand, The need of my care, 'Cause I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. [Except from Phenomenal... Read more

Caitlin Johnston

Office and Accounting Manager, Vittana, Green Lake

I'm responsible for the business & accounting functions of Vittana. My roles range from ensuring proper accounting & audit management to assisting with HR. I worked in for-profit technology & HR & in non-profit dropout prevention prior to joining Vittana. Read more

Caitrin Millar

Project Manager for The Workshop Read more

Caleb Dean

I'm a design professional currently managing communications at the Portland based organization, Sustainable Northwest and attending BGI. My background is in environmental design, economic development, and real estate development. In 2008, I designed, launched, and managed an incubator office spac... Read more

Cambrie Nelson

Catalysts by Design partners with communities and organizations to resolve critical social challenges. Our mission is to maximize the creative capacity of individuals, groups and communities toward greater civic engagement through our three programs. Read more

Cara Piscitello

Co-Founder, ACME Farms + Kitchen. Delivering meal-based boxes of beautiful local food to Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and King Counties while supporting dozens of local farmers, fishers, ranchers and artisan producers. Read more

Carl Silverberg

I am a business facilitator and help businesses & NGO's with problems that they have with governments in Africa. Read more

Carol Walter

Supporting humanitarian entrepreneurs in living longer more prosperous lives Read more

Carolyn Horst

A long-term document scanning project Read more

Carrie Schonwald

I am in the process of establishing an international Public Health and Community Engagement practice. I have worked extensively in international settings and with immigrants, refugees and youth in medical, educational and social service settings. Read more

Casey Dudley

Owner of the Residential Network of Kath WIlliams + Associates (RESNET KWA). RESNET KWA provides LEED for Homes verification services as well as residential design/construction process consulting services. We are based in Bozeman Montana. I moved out here with my wife to be closer to BGI during m... Read more

Catherine Cheng

As an intern I will we working primarily with Sarah on member care projects as defined by our previous correspondence. Read more

Cathy Syverson

RedTango is a brand consultancy that positions brands to compete with a consumer-centric approach that builds brand loyalty while driving business results. At RedTango, we believe that human truths must guide brand truths to create the deepest, most sustainable connections. , ,Im a senior brand... Read more

Cecilia Utne

My bio: A Swedish native with 16 years in the U.S., Cilla is a Senior Consultant with Intercultural Learning at Morneau Shepell - providing intercultural training programs to the corporate sector. With a B.A. in Intercultural Studies from Stockholm University, and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Busin... Read more

Chad Zhu

We develop predictive analytics for state medicaid agencies that enable actionable insights for better health outcome. Read more

Chad Fisher

I am a co-founder of Content Runner a marketplace for connecting writers with people looking for content. Read more

Chad Fisher

I am a co-founder of Content Runner a marketplace for connecting writers with people looking for content. Read more

Che Wong

I am a Sr. Loan Officer for Mercy Corps Northwest. I've been working in the micro finance industry for nearly 10 years now. My passion for small business development work started when I volunteered in the Peace Corps in Cape Verde (West Africa). Read more

Cherie Stamm

Together with 4 others, I founded Uformia, a 3D design software company and geometric kernel developer specifically focusing on 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. Read more

Chieko Fukuoka

I'd like American people to enjoy Japanese Bento and food culture other than Sushi and Ramen, etc. Our food includes not only Japanese and other Asian cuisines, but all ethnic flavors. We also bake our own breads and desserts with unique Asian twist! Read more

Chris Russell

Stackless Labs is building a software design automation tool for web and cloud developers based on reusable components, design automation, and drag-and-drop visual programming metaphors in the browser. The core technology is Node.js/HTML5 and open source. Read more

Chris Norby

I am a customer value manager with LivePerson and I work with clients on the implementation of the LivePerson solutions. LivePerson's vision is to eliminate the 1800 experience. Read more

Chris Hawkins

Working on a startup called CircleBack. Read more

Chris Rathe

Giga Impacts Corp is working on mapped information software in the the area of Climate Change, and offers Renewable Energy Certificates, which offset the "carbon footprint" of your electricity use. Read more

Christa Hillstrom

Web Managing Editor at YES! Magazine Read more

Christina Carson

I'm the Campaign Director for FarmRaiser, LLC, working to connect schools and causes that want to do product fundraising using locally grown and produced products. I have a passion for local food and education. Read more

Christina Hulet

I'm an independent consultant on collective impact initiatives, public-private partnerships and community coalitions. I organize diverse organizations (e.g., government, foundations, nonprofits, community organizations) towards achieving a common cause that none could achieve alone. , ,Services ... Read more

Christine Lange

I work full time as the Deputy Communications Director for King County Government, but I also recently graduated from the University of Washington Foster School of Business with my Executive MBA. Before graduation, I won the "People's Choice Award" and was the runner up in a business plan competi... Read more

Christine Grant

I am a Senior Associate at Collaborative Efficiency--a consulting firm that helps rural electric cooperatives with energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grid and electrical vehicles projects. Read more

Christine Baldwin

I am the Executive Editor of Junebug Weddings, a trusted wedding planning resource and online magazine with serious personal style. Read more

Christopher Hanson

I am building a Brand that builds community around Travel and Manufactures classic Leather and Dry Goods focused on Motorcycle Adventure. We are early on in start-up mode, and still flushing out ideas as well as prototyping. Read more